Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Introduction to Soft Laser Therapy

Soft laser therapy has received a lot of media attention in recent years as a way of controlling and eradicating a range of conditions and ailments. It is suggested that these devices can help to reduce addictions, combat hair loss, help in controlling migraine and rheumatic pain, and address other medical problems. If you are considering investing in this type of device, or attending a clinic were one is used, it is important to learn a little more about what is involved before you do so.

Also known as cold laser therapy, the concept that underpins this type of treatment is quite straightforward. In some ways it is a natural evolution from the practices of acupuncture, reflexology, and photo-therapy. A low level light is directed towards certain points of the body where the pain is being felt. This light is non thermal and non-invasive, very little discomfort is felt apart from a slight tingling sensation at the point of contact.

During a treatment, the type of wavelength of light which is used is from the red part of the light spectrum, otherwise known as the cold part. During the application process, the cells of the area at which the light is directed are exposed to photon energy, this enhances their metabolism and stimulates the develop of new tissue, improves blood circulation, and boosts the immune and nervous systems.

If you have never had this type of treatment previously, it would be advisable to start by attending a clinic that specializes in this approach as opposed to investing in a device yourself. This should allow you to understand how to correctly use the laser, and find out whether or not it does help to lessen the symptoms of the problems that you are suffering from.

When choosing a clinic to attend, it is important to find an establishment which specializes in this type of treatment. The physician who would be in charge of the healing program should have many years experience of using light therapy. Be wary of using a naturopath or other alternative health care giver who is not known for the provision of this kind of therapy.

To help you choose the right clinic, you should check out reviews of local establishments online. Try and find out which doctors have already been successful in treating patients with soft laser, paying attention to the testimonials given by their previous clients.

Once you are sure that this type of therapy does work for your condition, you can consider investing in a device to use in your own home. Your physician should be able to recommend a particular make and model, as well as provide you with information on how it should be used.

With soft laser therapy you can treat your body in a way that is both safe and natural. If you shy away from prescription drugs and over the counter medicines, this is a treatment option that may be right up your alley. What's more, once you have bought the device, your friends and family can also use it when they are suffering from pain or other medical problems.

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