Friday, August 10, 2012

Ways to Assist & Provide First Aid

First Aid Health Kit has always been a necessity at every place be it home, restaurants, offices, schools, camps, playgrounds, flights think of any place and you would for sure feel that we need the first aid kit there too. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA recommends a good training to be provided like first aid, swimming and water safety, life guarding, caregiving, emergency and disaster response preparedness training. The assistance provided for first aid health can be of two types tough and mild. Tough assistance can be explained as First Aid Health Kit materials will be provided and can comprise of shelter, feeding, comfort kits, clean-up kits and financial help. Mild assistance reduces immediate disaster or suffering through counseling, listening, guidance and advocacy.

You can go to the beach for swimming without the fear of being drowned as you have gone through the appropriate health training. When you undergo the various types of training for health assistance you tend to become more confident in handling tough, traumatic and difficult situations while giving medical assistance to others as you are saving one’s life. There are various ways by which you can get involved in providing medical assistance:-

* Donation: If we believe that we can make a difference in someone’s life that is what it is all about. Generously donating whatever we can definitely help the needy who are ill and can’t afford their medical expenses. Even if the amount is meager it should not matter as every penny is important for providing services to those in need. When calamity or disaster strikes our generous contributions will definitely help to those in distress.

* Volunteering Spirit: If we believe in ourselves and feel confident that we can make a difference in people’s life we can just begin by either helping victims who have had burn injuries for example by providing them support or impart training on basics of first aid. We can actually make a choice on either of the services be it disaster, community, international or any other lines where you feel your contribution will help others. We all will find something which will be our niche area.

* Donate Blood: This is a real big help which we can provide to people who are suffering with many medical complications and are not getting the right blood group. All know that the donor’s blood needs to match with the patient’s blood i.e. recipient’s blood.

* Social Service: It is a good voluntary service which can be initiated by us. We can if we feel do a lot for the society as far as medical assistance is concerned. We can either individually help as social volunteers in hospitals or provide help in various organizations which provide medical assistance to the needy. “If there is a Will there is definitely a Way”.

To sum up the discussion it is all about making the world a better place to live in, if we share and care world would definitely be a wonderful place to live in. With the contribution we provide monetarily or non-monetarily will assist the public in being prepared for any kind of calamities or emergencies.

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